Maker Faire Part 4 – The event!

So the last 12 weeks has been a lot of very late nights and being hyper focused on getting the trains done, putting together the layout and making sure I have all the other things in order. Even packing up the car happened at a late hour on Thursday night which meant I still didn't …

Maker Faire NYC – Part 3

10 Days. That is how much time I have before I have to pack up the car and head to Maker Faire. There was a warm wave of panic that set over me when I realized that this morning. I have been working almost to midnight every night since July. Between my wife saving the …

Maker Coin 2018

  ITS HERE! Here is a  preview of the maker coin I designed for Maker Faire in NYC. Hopefully I will have enough to pass out. 500 seem like enough?

The New Collar Jobs

Interesting Reads A new book by Sarah Boisvert, talking about how the future of manufacturing is going to need makers. Book "New Collar Workforce" Prepares Us for the New Age of Manufacturing