Long Awaited Update!

It has been way to long since I wrote something for this blog, which is how I think I stared the last thing I posted. Oh well. The reason things have been so quiet it because the behind the scenes has been crazy. Family, work, holidays and unexpected trips out of town do put the brakes on a lot of things.

Now that spring is here and many of the other side activities are winding down hopefully I will get to do more and write more about making model trains.

Lately I have been working on getting all the kinks out of printing the 1909 IRT Hi-volt subway cars I started at the beginning of this year. The CAD work is done, sorting out the trucks and adding weight to them is done.

Now I am down to figuring out the couplers and narrowing down on what resin to use to make these guys. It not the quickest thing to do since it can take up to 14 hours to print a set of bodies, but it is getting near the end. Hopefully in the end I will have a process and technique that will deliver models that are just as good as the ones the big manufactures can make.

In the end getting all of this out of the way should make the next set of subway cars a lot easier to get out into the world. Then all that is left is to figure out packaging. Hopefully that will be quick.

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