Almost there!

Its been a while since I posted anything here. It is amazing how much other things in life can soak up any free time you might have. I have tried many times to get back in the swing of working on the trains. I have found niches of time here and there, mostly at night. Going though what ever pictures or drawings I can find to sort out the last details for the more obscure sections of the cars. I have looked at so many black and white pictures that I am not sure if what I am looking at is an object or just a shadow.

Never the less after a couple of months of squeezing in time here and there I think I am at a spot were I can say I am done! That’s right done! I have added more detail to the outside body, interior seats and the undercarriage that it now looks like a proper subway car.

Fresh off the printer!

That is one big step taken and the initial prints look good. There are some little tweaks to happen to help make it a more robust design but over all the look is locked in. The addition of some window glass and paint and they will look the part. The next big thing would be to design the trucks and the power system for the powered car.

For the power system I have a couple of ideas, one would be very ambitious to complete. For the time being it might just be a mix of off the shelf parts and printed parts. Before you know it they will be running around a layout.

R-4 Train at 59st station

In the next couple of weeks I hope to have the R4 train at this level as well. Hopefully this will all get sorted out before spring starts to come around.

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