A New Printer!

That’s right I got another 3D printer.  So that means I have now 3 printers (one is broken and waiting to be re-purposed into an updated one) a mostly printed CNC that is still waiting on more end stop switches and a bathroom that still doesn’t have all the tile in the shower. Now with the holidays approaching what better time to learn how to use a new tool!

Anycubic Photon

At work I use a Formlabs Form2, which is really nice. You load a file in set up your supports push a button and the glossy interface does some magic. In a couple of hours or so you have you part which looks pretty much what was on your screen. It is a well though out system of machines and tools that in the end make some really nice parts. The down side is the price. At about $3300 for just the printer it is one of those purchases where it should be making money or able to pay itself off and not just make endless Pokemon or Fortnite figures.

First Batch of Trains, some good, most bad.

There are alternatives one of them being the Anycubic Photon. I bought this printer in the hopes it would help move the prototyping of the N-Scale subway cars (yes I am still working on that) along with out tapping out a credit card or having to tell the kids that Christmas was canceled. I am sure that would not have gone well with the wife either. So far it has been pretty good, not great but good. There are some quirks the machine and how it cures the resin in the tank. For a fraction of the Form 2 I will take some quirks just to keep moving things along. The resin smell is something to behold. 

They didn’t melt that is just not enough support.

Now that I have played with it for a while and I am though the first 500 ml of resin I hope the next bottle will have better results. 

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