Maker Faire NYC – Part 3

10 Days. That is how much time I have before I have to pack up the car and head to Maker Faire. There was a warm wave of panic that set over me when I realized that this morning. I have been working almost to midnight every night since July. Between my wife saving the world on nights and weekends and me working on this have gotten a little out of hand. The weekends I would have given the kids the keys to the car and money to buy groceries so I can squeeze more time in the weekend to work on stuff. My wife keeps telling me its “bad parenting” to let a 6 and 8 year old drive to the store and buy groceries. The kids did point out they would be fine with ordering things from Amazon. Which would result in several different video game systems, art supplies and mounds of snack food being delivered by a hapless Amazon drone.

So needless to say there will be no free time from here till September 21. I have made progress though.


The large version of the IRT 1909 train is painted and ready to be on display. It is over 42″ long with what is an unintentional Eagles green paint job. It was a nice looking green in the store and until someone pointed it out at work, I didn’t notice. Hopefully no one else will.

The track layout board is almost done! There will be 3 levels of tracks. The upper and ground level are loops with the under ground being a set of double tracks with two trains passing each other by. This lower level is being powered by an Arduino so this is my first try at programming an Arduino, with help of course. I still don’t understand why it is called a sketch.


Most of the cars are painted.


I forgot how much fun it is to use a Badger airbrush on models. I would have liked to have a made a stand for the brush instead of trying to balance it on the edge of the trash can but, maybe next time. Also watching videos on which airbrush to buy only makes you want to buy more airbrushes, even if you have no need for them you will want to buy one. I don’t understand the draw maybe it is just me but they can be as mesmerizing as a Ron Popeli infomercial.

As I have basked in the glow of shiny airbrushes on YouTube my Prusa MK3 printer has been running almost no stop since the end of July. It has some 1300 hours on it and until recently was doing just fine. After some rather horrible attempts at printing I took it out of service to see what was up.


The cause, the nozzle was just worn out. Now that doesn’t seem like a revelation but I don’t think I have properly worn out a nozzle. That means I have passed enough plastic though that nozzle to wear the metal down to a point where it would no longer print anything. Usually I damage it some how before this happens but for the first time I properly wore out a nozzle. It only took 1300 hours.

Lastly is the swag! Oh yes, I have swag! I could not spring for a “merch gun”.  I wish I could, I would have the sweetest ceramic mugs loaded into it. Instead I have business cards and maker coins.


They both are pretty sweet. Now that the printer is back up and running, it is making 9 of them every 12 hours or so. With my wife swapping out a batch before lunch and once more before bed I should have a handful of those to pass out as well.

That is all for now, hopefully the next week will go smoothly.

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