Oh no! I don’t have that!

So every so often (probably a lot more than just often) I get started into a project and part way in realize I don’t  have something that I need to finish assembling, painting or both. Yesterday that happened. Its not uncommon but it can deflate your enthusaism for getting the project done. Yesterday I was assembling the giant (42″ long) 3D printed model of a 1909 IRT subway car from NYC. All the sections have pegs and holes to help with alignment and gluing, except for the very middle of the train. The center sections have just hole facing each other, the plan was to to print/make pegs out of plastic. Of course I started gluing the other sections together with out doing that only to realize that much later. So what to do?

1909 IRT Section Guide1909 IRT Center Section


I didn’t have any plastic rod I could turn or cut up. The printer was occupied for the next 12 hours and the can of primer I had was already shook with its cap off. After consulting with my brain trust (the kids, they suggested to just use duct tape) I remember we had chop sticks from last weeks Chinese take-out.

1909 IRT Chop Sticks


A quick trip to the kitchen found them and holy crap they fit! They fit I think mostly because I made the holes and pegs a nominal size (3/16″) which makes finding a replacement a lot easier.

1909 IRT Tools1909 IRT Pegs

So some trimming, gluing and assembly finished off the model. Later I sprayed a bunch of primer and stunk up the basement with the sweet smell of bondo. Today I will go and get some more primer and figure out what color to make it. Maker Faire is only 3 weeks away and there is still a lot to do. Stay Tuned. 1909 IRT Large Model1

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