Maker Faire NYC part 2

Its been awhile since I posted anything about Maker Faire or how the trains are coming along. There is a good reason for that. I have been busy. I don’t mean, oh I skipped watching a TV show or I haven’t picked up that book I started kind of busy. I mean the kind were you get home from work, eat dinner and then continue to work until 11 pm. I have had a interesting 2 weeks. First, the new Prusa printer decided that the bed thermistor was done.


After printing for 8 hours of a 36 hour print the thermistor in the bed said mercy and checked out. I am really glad I ordered spare parts with the printer. However before that I finally had the first jam with the new printer. I had to take the entire extruder apart to pull the offending material out and at that time I decided to go ahead and put in the updated parts that Prusa pushed out as part of their “summer update” announcement. This included a updated firmware which when added all together took 4 hours to do. So that was 2 nights shot.

Prusa Update

I did manage to get one more train completed since last time. It would have been 2 but after restarting the model for one train for the 3rd time I figured it would be better to move on. I did start printing the large model that will be on display. How large you ask? 42 inches! That is still only 7% the size of the real thing so it could be worst. As I prepped the model for printing it dawned on me that I should plan out want needs to be printed.


That landed to the next problem. It will take 276 hours of printing to finish, that is over 11 days of printing. So now I am in the process of hobbling the old printer back into service. I had the brilliant idea that instead of handing out business cards with info about the project I should have maker coins.


They are cool but to make 20 of them takes 11 hours. There is a lot less time to do everything else. I figure I need about 200 at a minimum so there is another 110 hours of printing. In all honestly if I get the other printer running it should run non stop up until the day I leave for Maker Faire. If I did that I would have 2200 coins, that sounds like enough. That is only 12 kg of PLA, which means it would cost…..$264. Yikes. In all honesty I could spend that much on business cards, that might just end up in the trash. Coins it is!


The first batch of printed train bodies are out and they look awesome. I have some N-Scale train parts and track so hopefully soon you will see them flying around under their own power. Can you see the rivets on the side of the train?


With all of this going on, my daytime job and my side work, there is not much free time anymore. Which only makes me wish I had more hours in the day to get more done, or figure out a way to survive with out sleep. Somehow I don’t think either of those are possible.

That is all for now, I hope to have more for you next week. The idea of publishing a post a week about the progress was a wishful idea that I will keep trying to achieve.  Just be aware they may not make much sense. Now time for bed.


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